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Over and above
They were great. They did everything in their power to help us. They really know there stuff. They took the time to explain everything and answer all if our questions. They really want to make that we got everything we needed and more.
Honest and Trustworthy Dealership
There were a few hiccups that came along with our purchase of a pre-owned vehicle but I was impressed with how much effort was taken to remedy the situation and make sure we were feeling great about our purchase. The dealership really went above and beyond to get us in a vehicle that was safe and good quality! Jeff was very attentive both on-site and through follow-up calls, addressing concerns, and doing everything in his power to remedy the situation. I would highly recommend working with Jeff who was easy going, enthusiastic, and kept the process very simple. In the end, we are very happy with our new (to us!) vehicle and I'm glad we went through this journey with Key West Ford and Jeff.
Good experience
This was one of the best experiences I have had at a dealership. Thanks to Jag, Nick, and Mike for their help getting me into a great vehicle.
Got my dream car with a very good deal
One of my best experience ever, staff is so kind , also deals are awesome. They helps me a lot to get my dream car within my budget. Big thanks to peter olson.
Honest and a pleasure to wok with.
I bought a used truck which needed a bit of service. Key West Ford did not hesitate to insure the truck lived up to what they promised.
Efficient and Courteous!
I moved to Vancouver from Toronto and was in need of a truck. Pete was able to source one that I was looking for from Alberta and had it delivered quickly and was very communicative in terms of delivery status throughout. He was even kind enough to send me some recommendations for places to go around New West with me being new to the area. Thanks Pete!
Hard working and helpful staff
All of the staff at the dealership were very friendly and helpful during my time there. I enjoyed test driving a few of the vehicles available. The dealership is currently under construction which lead to some problems getting a hold of the vehicle I was looking for but my salesman eventually got a hold of it after a long day. All of the issues I had with the new vehicle I purchased were dealt with promptly and professionally.
Great experience!
Was looking to trade in my vehicle and found a mustang I really wanted. Staff worked with me to find an outcome that was a win-win for both parties. Would definitely reccomend.
Great dealership!
After a hiccup yesterday, my hubby and I purchased a 2018 ford escape and couldn't be happier! Peter Olson was very helpful in getting us what we needed and from his history of selling vehicles, it was nice to be able to put our full trust in him and know that he was efficient! The financing manager and insurance broker that we dealt with, were also very fast and efficient in getting the job done!
Most Common INFINITI Questions For Seattle, Tacoma, And Bellevue Washington
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buy an INFINITI in tacomaEdgar,

If you’re still reading after our last post that addresses the steering stiffness issue with your 2013 INFINITI G37, we have some more information for you! While our previous blog covered two of the most common causes for steering difficulties, we wanted to follow-up with another article that presents a few additional common culprits just in case the steering solution was not the problem. So, without further ado:

  1. Broken serpentine belt. No matter what car you drive, the serpentine belt shoulders a lot of the load. As it ages, it will become worn—that’s a fact of life. If it becomes too worn, that’s when your steering stiffens. And if you wait too long and it breaks, you’re out of luck completely and won’t be able to drive.
  2. Pump malfunction. The solution for your wheel may not be too thick; instead, the pump may be malfunctioning and inadequate, thereby unable to move it. After several years, it isn’t uncommon for the power steering to begin to break down due to a damaged pump. If this occurs, you’ll find it’s tougher to steer than it was previously.
  3. Tire pressure. Simply put, if your wheels become too deflated, it’ll be trickier to steer than it was previously.
Call us with any further questions, Edgar!
buy an INFINITI in tacomaHey Billy,

I’ve got a bit of a problem. I’m having a spot of trouble with my 2013 INFINITI G37. Don’t get me wrong—nothing serious yet. But I swear my steering feels stiffer than it once was. What might be the problem?

Thanks, Edgar


Thanks for contacting me! I have an idea as to the likely problem behind the “stiffness” in steering your INFINITI G37. Edgar, steering wheel stiffness is not an entirely uncommon issue. As for the most “common” reason, here are a couple of ideas:

  1. Lack of proper steering system fluid. It may be as simple an issue as a lack of available steering fluid in your 2013 G37. It the levels are too low, you’re going to be increasingly “wrestling” with your wheel. A low amount of solution is typically tied to a loosening of the pressurized hose area or a leak in that space that dries up the pump, drops the pressure, and reduces the power supply.
  2. The steering system fluid is too thick. Sometimes, you may have enough solution but it may not be quality in nature. If the solution becomes too thick, it won’t be able to flow properly as a result of built-up debris and dirt. If this ends up being the issue, you’ll need to have the fluid flushed ahead of replacing it.Give us a call if you have any other questions, Edgar!


This is hardly a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but there’s been an odd odor coming from the AC unit in my 2013 INFINITI M almost every time I turn it on these days. It’s quite unpleasant. Do you know what the reason for it may be?

Appreciate it, Stefan


Usually, this is just a nuisance but occasionally it can signal something else that’s a bit more severe. The most likely problem with your INFINITI M is the AC accumulator. This system works by gathering coolant as it travels from the evaporator to the AC unit, at which point desiccant is employed to convert it to gas. Once the conversion takes place, it heads to the compressor. Any foul odors (rotten eggs, mold-like smells) are probably a result of an AC accumulator malfunction.

While the aforementioned is usually the extent of it, bear in mind that if the problem persists too long, there may be health-related issues on the table. Since the AC accumulator may not be converting moisture to gas appropriately, mildew and mold can build up and cause a health issue. If you’ve had a cough lately or exit your car will watery eyes, it’d be best to take care of the problem immediately.

Ring us at INFINITI of Tacoma with any further questions, Stefan!

Hi! The turn signal indicator on my 2016 INFINITI QX70 has been acting sporadically and blinking entirely too quickly of late. Care to let me know what might be the issue?

Appreciate it, John


This answer likely goes counter to your intuition but here’s the deal—your quickly blinking QX70 turn signal is the result of the signal’s bulb being dead!

I get it. “If it’s dead, why is the indicator going nuts,” may be the assumption, but that’s the incorrect way to think of things. Because the bulb on that side of your QX70 has burned out, there has been a resulting decrease in voltage that’s created an alteration in the electric resistance. This change has created an alert that has been sent to your car’s turn signal indicator. Thus, this isn’t a random event. Instead, the fast blinking is an intentional alert to you that your bulb needs replacing. Once the bulb is replaced, the indicator will begin acting normally once more.

Give us a ring at INFINITI of Tacoma if you have any further questions, John!

I’m into speed and know I want a fast car. What’s the difference between the various trims of the 2015 INFINITI Q50?

Thanks, Paul


The Q50 is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a fast car! However, the trims are very similar in regards to each other relative to power/performance; instead, the trims mostly differ when it comes to in-cabin amenities such as heated cushions, real leather vs. leatherette, etc. However, there are some differences germane to our conversation.

The base Q50 as well as the Sport and Premium variants is packed with a 3.7L V6 motor that will thrill you. It creates 328 HP at 7,000 revolutions per minute (RPM) and 269-lb.-ft. of torque at 5,200 RPM. The standard trim has an efficiency of 20 city / 30 highway MPG on average, while the Sport and Premium models have an EPA-estimated MPG average of 20 city / 29 highway.

The 2015 INFINITI Q50 Hybrid is where things begin to diverge. While it has a standard engine, it also has a lithium-ion battery pack and a 50-kilowatt electric motor. The total resulting output with this trim is 360 horses. And as you’d imagine, mileage is wonderful at an average MPG of 29 city / 36 highway.

Call us with any further questions, Paul!

I’m wondering what the 2019 INFINITI QX80 has in store for me when it comes to entertainment? I have kids and we’re planning a big summer road trip once the school year concludes—want to keep them pleasantly distracted as I drive!

Thanks, Sherry


You’ll be making a magnificent choice if you select the 2019 INFINITI QX80! It comes with a wonderful Theater Package that will certainly serve to keep your kids entertained. Standard with this package are two dual eight-inch color monitors in the rear. These offer multimedia playback both via the audio/video USB inputs and an auxiliary HDMI. Additionally, there are two digital-quality wireless headphones included, dual headphone jacks, and a 120-volt power outlet. Also, the wireless remote control that’s part of the package will allow for easy control of all playback no matter where your kids are seated in the cabin.

Ring us at INFINITI of Tacoma to learn more about the 2019 QX80 today, Sherry! We’re excited to speak with you or set you up with a test drive at your earliest convenience.

What’s the skinny on INFINITI’s ProPILOT Assist?

Thanks, Sterling


Great question! ProPILOT Assist—as seen in machines such as INFINITI’s 2019 QX50—is an amazing suit of features that profoundly boosts the safety profile of this car. It’s true 21st-century technology that’s on a level above and beyond what’s found in several otherwise comparable cars. Chief among its inclusions is its semi-autonomous driving ability. If you’re traveling on a lane on a highway, the car can take over on your behalf, automatically steering, braking, and accelerating all on its own. It can even operate in start-stop traffic!

The 2019 INFINITI QX50’s ProPILOT Assist also comes with a wide range of other helpful, safety-related features. This includes Blind Sport Warning and Intervention, Forward Emergency Braking (the vehicle can react to another car in only milliseconds!), Lane Departure Warning, and Direct Adaptive Steering (you get to rock out with the steering responsiveness that feels most natural to you).

If you have any further questions about ProPILOT Assist, Sterling, don’t hesitate to contact us!

I’m super interested in the upcoming 2019 Q50 Signature Edition. What makes it special?




The upcoming 2019 Q50 Signature Edition has a ton going for it! As we’ve spoken about previously, this all-new car trim from INFINITI comes in class-exclusive 19-inch wheel rims as well as five new exterior paint colors, including the following: Black Obsidian, Pure White, Iridium Blue, Liquid Platinum, and Graphite Shadow. On top of this, the car generates a whopping 300 horses and has a unique Kacchu aluminum trim.

But that isn’t all this vehicle has going for it. This new Q50 is packed with technology. INFINITI InTouch™ Services help ensure that you’re safe; if you’re ever in a wreck, the system calls roadside assistance and/or emergency services automatically on your behalf. There’s also the Around View Mirror with Moving Object Detection (it provides a 360-degree view of your machine), Sirius XM Traffic, and built-in navigation.

Ring us to learn more, Sally! We’d love to speak with you.
Sup Billy,

I was wondering—how long can I expect my INFINITI QX80’s windshield wipers to last before requiring replacement? Mine 
are still good at the moment but I definitely replaced them more than once on my old car.

Thanks, Steve

Steve, I’d love to provide an estimation for how long the wipers will last on your INFINITI QX80 but, due to the variables involved, I can’t really make a prediction. These variables include your driving habits (how often you’re on the road) as well as climate considerations, including how much average rainfall your area receives.

The above said, it’s best to stick to a common sense approach and ensure that you change out your windshield wipers at the first evidence that they’re becoming worn down. If the wipers are not adequately dispelling of water on your trips, you’ll want to bite the bullet and take your QX80 in for wiper replacements at your first opportunity. After all, this is a safety consideration! One more thing, Steve: Keep in mind that the QX80 now comes with rain-sensing wipers that adjust their operating rate to match how hard the rain is falling! It’s come cool tech.

Call us at INFINITI of Tacoma with any further questions!
Hiya Billy,

I was wondering about the upcoming 2019 Q50 Signature Edition that I’ve heard about. What makes it special? What’s it coming with?

Thanks, Tricia


Thanks for checking in with me! The upcoming 2019 Q50 Signature Edition is primed to be an exciting machine. The following is a round up of what we know regarding its features. The car is set to impress the moment onlookers get a glimpse of it. It comes in five special exterior finishes: Black Obsidian, Pure White, Iridium Blue, Liquid Platinum, and Graphite Shadow. It also features a redesigned sport fascia for the front and rear, plus exclusive Signature Edition trunk badging.

Moving inside the 2019 Q50 Signature Edition, Tricia, you’ll be pleased to find there’s a suite of now-standard features that include Around View Mirror with Moving Object Detection, which provides a 360-degree view of everything going on around the machine. Also on tap is Backup Collision Intervention, Sirius XM Traffic, and the boon of InTouch™ Services with voice destination navigation entry. And of course, this auto really moves courtesy of a 300 HP 3.0-liter V6 twin-turbo engine.

Ring us at INFINITI of Tacoma now to learn more!
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