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Key West purchase
The sales staff were not pushy,when a decision was made everything went quickly , and they were helpful in getting me back to the dealership to pick up the truck
Pleasant Experience
Sasha was very helpful from the start. He went above and beyond our expectations. Purchasing our car was an overall pleasant experience. I highly recommend him.
Sasha went well above and beyond the norm
On several occasions Sasha Ruban took part of his time off and devoted it to helping us in every way possible to ensure we ere happy with our purchase of a used vehicle. I will recommend him to anyone looking for a new or used car. Thanks again for your help Sasha
sasha is very knowledgeable prfessional and courteous
I was very surprised to see how quick i was approved for financing and how cheap the paymetns are. The staff sre very uofront and straight forward with you they are very understing of eceryones individual situation
Best in the biz!
Sasha Ruban will provide the best car buying experience you could ever fathom. He is well experienced and extremely passionate about what he does! Am going back to Sasha for the future!
Pretty Good So Far
I purchased a 2017 Taurus SHO on Oct 20. Whole transaction from test drive to driving off the lot with my new car, was relatively painless. Only issue was a missing owners manual, which they said they would find and mail to me. A few days later, I received a call from Michael Nokes (an excellent sales mgr), stating that they could not find it and ordered a new one for me. Awesome. A month later, I finally had enough of the waiting and called them again wondering why I hadn't received it. "Oh... it just came in". Riiiiight... LOL. Regardless, I am happy. The only other issue I have is that, I was told my car came with Ford Pass. It does not. The Fusion Sport I was also interested in, did. So a little (a lot) disappointed about that, but I think the salesman was new and didn't know all the features that the different models have. The Taurus (even my SHO), does NOT come with Ford Pass. Sigh. My only other complaint is with the financing. I read on their website of rates at 4 or so percent. I was given a rate of almost 7 %. As a federal employee with 30 years service in law enforcement and nearly no mortgage, and NO other debt, I expected better. A call and email to Michelle inquiring about this, garnered no response, so I took it upon myself to call Coast Capital Savings and today signed a contract for 4.25% .......much better! Car has so far performed excellent. As for service, too soon to tell. I have not reached the mileage required for an oil change etc. Overall, I am happy with Key West and would recommend them to others.
Painless car purchase
Jeff Upton and the team at Key West Ford Sales were great to deal with. They were super helpful and responsive to all questions, and went the distance to make a deal. There was no pressure at any point along the way. I have bought cars before and often came away feeling somehow fleeced....NOT the case here.
Jag was very professional and knowledgeable.
Jag was very professional. He listened to what i wanted and helped me find my new suv. He answered all my questions in a manner i could understand. It was stress free . Thank you
Genuine service, great people
I was looking for a used car with a tight budget and found the ad from Key West Ford online. I called the place and Robert answered. He gave me basic information about the car and sent me all the documents (car proof etc.) via email within 5 minutes. I booked a test drive and I brought a mechanic friend with me so he can check the car for me. My mechanic friend threw tons of questions regarding the car and Robert was able to answer all which showed how knowledgeable he was. Everything looked good and the car was in good condition but the price was still a bit over my budget. However, Robert really tried his best so I can get the car within my budget. Robert and a sales manager, Wes were very genuine and professional. I got the car I wanted for a very good deal. My experience there was amazing and I will absolutely recommend this place!!
INFINITI of Tacoma at Fife consumer reviews Seattle Washington
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2017 INFINITI QX50 for sale tacoma bellevue washingtonNever before have we lived in an age when so many cars can, essentially, do it all. Crossovers are a prime example of this, having the practicality of an SUV but the agility of a sedan. When it comes to this class of vehicle, the 2017 INFINITI QX50 is hard to beat.

At the heart of this model lies a 3.7-liter V6 which produces 325 horsepower and 280 lb.-ft of torque. This rockets the QX50 to a class-leading 0-60 mph time of 5.5 seconds, and makes it exhilarating to drive on the open road.

These performance figures don’t come at the expense of practicality, however. With over 18 cubic feet on offer in the trunk, space won't be a problem on a weekend away at the spa or a golf trip: you'll even be able to bring your friends.

This crossover lets you explore unfamiliar places and tackle cross-country trips with confidence. Its built-in navigation system displays directions through a dash-mounted 7.0-inch touchscreen, so you’ll never miss a turn again.

The QX50 proves you really can have your cake and eat it too: contact INFINITI of Tacoma, Washington to book a test drive today!
pre-owned 2018 INFINITI Q50 for sale in bellevue washingtonDid you know that you don’t have to forfeit cutting-edge technology when you buy pre-owned? Just look at the 2018 Q50. This sedan hosts a suite of fabulous InTouch applications ranging from downright practical to life-changing.

The beauty comes equipped with an 8-inch display screen and another smaller (7-inch) underneath it; together, the two are a dream team. The former gives you access to an intuitive navigation system and SiriusXM radio, while the latter lets you control the Bose 16-speaker stereo. Of course, that’s not even the beginning of all you can do, it’s only the tip of the infotainment iceberg! 

Let’s talk productivity first: use your vehicle’s computer to utilize route planning, a feature that allows you to view weather forecasts and traffic patterns. Then, check out suggestions and reservations to see which local options would be the most suitable for your current food craving or whatever activity you’re in the mood for.

The tool also doubles as a safety device by giving you updates on your car’s diagnostics and, in case of an emergency, you can quickly get roadside assistance as there are live technicians who can be contacted 24/7.

Call us at INFINITI of Tacoma today to learn more about the Q50.
pre-owned 2015 INFINITI Q70L for sale in bellevue washingtonThere are a lot of reasons why the 2015 Q70L is beloved by both the old and young, but the two main areas that entrap folks in a love-love relationship is the cabin comfort and the oomph packed under the hood. 

Let’s first talk about the luxurious interior: the front leather seats are equipped with climate control options and are each power adjustable for ultimate relaxation; the driver’s side also has nifty memory settings for multiple people. Additionally, 
it has a state-of-the-art, colored touchscreen display that can be utilized for many things, such as navigation. The program for maps will give you step-by-step coordinations so you’ll never get lost again. 

What's more, this crossover boasts a 3.7L six-cylinder engine which will leave other vehicles in the dust! The motor generates a boisterous 330 HP at 7,000 revolutions per minute and 270 lb.-ft. of torque at 5,200 RPM. You can tear down the roads without having to hit the gas station frequently because the EPA estimates that this baby gets an average fuel economy of 18 mpg in the city and 26 on the highway.

If you’re ready to fall head-over-heels for the Q70L, then give us a call at INFINITI of Tacoma in Fife, Washington today.

new INFINITI Q50 for sale in bellevue seattle washingtonAutomotive comfort used to come at the expense of agility and exciting style. Thankfully, those days are long gone: now we have the 2019 INFINITI Q50 3.0t SPORT.

All you want on a long and monotonous highway trip is a comfortable vehicle. At the touch of a button, the Dynamic Digital Suspension on this model electronically adjusts the shocks to make them soft and absorbent. But, should the opportunity present itself, you can flick this system into ‘Sport’ mode and explore the Q50’s performance capabilities.

The 3-liter VR engine in this model is versatile too, and will happily sit at highway speeds all day long. However the magnesium paddle shifters behind the steering wheel will allow you to get fully involved in the driving experience, should the mood take you. These let you harness the 300 horsepower and 295 lb.-ft of torque available, so you’ll be ready for whatever lies ahead.

The Q50 3.0t SPORT's styling alludes more to its performance capabilities than its practicality. Wider, lower air intakes coupled with a more angular front bumper leave no doubt in anyone’s mind what this machine was designed to do.

Experience the practicality of a sedan and the excitement of a sports car: contact INFINITI of Tacoma, Washington and book your test drive today!
new 2018 INFINITI Q60 for sale in bellevue washingtonThe 2-door 2018 Q60 is so good-looking that people will suspect you’re having a mid-life crisis, no matter how old you are. We’re only joking because owning it is far from anything negative. When you’re in it, you forget everything and experience driving as it should be: an all-consuming adventure.

This vehicle has a voluptuous shape which will catch everyone’s eye: the traditional coupe silhouette is sharpened by a drawn-out nose, with a graceful sweeping hood, and a curved silver roof pillar that folds back towards the rear. Lastly, the satin chrome dual outboard exhausts and sexy lip spoiler are the added touch that really rounds off this upper-tier automobile.

But what’s beauty without brains? The answer is boring, which this head turner is not! The sports car lives up to its reputation with a 3.0L V6 engine which generates 300 HP at 6,400 revolutions per minute and 295 lb-ft of torque at 1,600 RPM. You don’t have to be frivolous about using it either because it's not a gas guzzler (unlike its main competitors but we’re not saying names) with an EPA estimated 19 in the city and 27 on the highway.

Don’t miss your chance to park the Q60 in your garage — call us at INFINITI of Tacoma in Fife, Washington today!
pre-owned 2015 INFINITI Q40 for sale in bellevue washingtonYou might be wondering, “which car should I get if I want stellar handling and performance prowess all wrapped up in a luxurious package?” We’re glad you asked, gentle reader, and while we have your attention, we’ll point you in the direction of the 2015 Q40.

This sedan is the proud owner of a V6 3.7 liter engine that generates 328 HP at 7,000 revolutions per minute, and gets a great EPA estimated fuel economy of 19 in the city and 27 on the highway. However, what really makes us a die-hard fan of this vehicle is its excellent operation feel and response; the ergonomic and compact steering wheel communicates efficiently with the anterior tires, which gives you a sense of connectivity that's difficult to find in other more contemporary automobiles.

Before we part ways, let’s discuss the cabin comforts: the eight-way power heated front seats are upholstered in the finest leather that's firm and offers the perfect amount of support. This, combined with the effort made by designers to keep interior noise at the absolute minimum, means you can spend hours driving.

Want to take the Q40 for a spin? Call us at INFINITI of Tacoma in Fife, Washington, and we’ll schedule you an appointment!
Full-size sedans don’t get any better than this, Tacoma! The 2016 Q70L has nothing in common with the many tame four-door saloons you likely grew up with in your youth. This is a car that’s packed with a ferocious engine and intelligent performance-related technologies that put it into rarified air.

Popping your hood on this sedan, you’re treated by an imposing 3.7L six-cylinder motor that produces a stunning 330 HP and 270-lb.-ft. of torque. You’ll be rocketing down the roads of Kirkland, Tacoma, and Seattle with supreme acceleration. Also, the seven-speed automatic transmission ensures that car operation is a breeze.

The 2016 INFINITI Q70L also comes with the Vehicle Dynamic Control system. This technology uses the car’s onboard computer and a sophisticated sensor array to observe driver inputs in real-time and correct under- and over-steering via selective pressure damping. It elevates performance while simultaneously working to keep you safe.

Swing by INFINITI of Tacoma today to discover more about the Q70L! We’d love to help you put one in your garage in time for the holiday season.
Crossovers are wonderful because they offer so much to so many. Are you a family man or woman requiring passenger space? This auto can accommodate you. Need something to haul your gear? Sure thing. Want some speed, style, and car-like handling? You betcha. And the 2017 QX30 offers all that but also integrates INFINITI’s commitment to smart safety measures.

The first item we want to talk about is this car’s Around View Monitor. This system leverages four cameras to produce an accurate, real-time 360-degree view of everything going on behind your crossover. This data is displayed via video feed on the center console’s touchscreen, ensuring that it’s easy for you to back up into the street behind you without colliding with obstacles.

The 2017 INFINITI QX30 also comes with lane-departure technology, helping to ensure that you stay along your path on the highway without veering. It accomplishes this via the use of sensors that read road markings. If these sensors detect a problem, they’ll autonomously correct your heading if you move outside the lines. Also, there’s a blind-spot warning system that alerts you if a car is sneaking up on either side of your vehicle.

Call us at INFINITI of Tacoma now to learn more!
If you’ve been disheartened by the performance of your current vehicle, we’d argue it’s far past time to “get back in the saddle” again, isn’t it, Tacoma? There’s arguably no better time to go car shopping than the holiday season and, if you’re searching for a speedy and well-outfitted luxury coupe, it’s hard to go wrong with the sophisticated 2014 INFINITI Q60 Journey.

This car will be a thrill ride every time you take it out of the garage and onto the roads of Renton, Seattle, and Tacoma. It’s packed with a spirited 3.7L V6 engine that pumps out 330 HP at 7,000 revolutions per minute (RPM) and 270-lb.-ft. of torque at 5,200 RPM. That’s 
stellar power that’s complemented by INFINITI’s DriverSport mode, which grants you the ability to switch from automatic handling to manual-esque operating functionality for a sportier feel.

The 2014 Q60 INFINITI Journey also delivers in other ways. The leather seats are soft yet supportive and are heated for combating the cold of the winter months. Dual-zone climate control also lends a hand as the seasons change and, if it’s truly freezing outside, you’ll appreciate the electronically warmed side exterior mirrors. They clear up icy buildup in a hurry!

Ring us at INFINITI of Tacoma now to discover more about this Q60!
Consumers the world over revere the INFINITI brand for its exceptional attention to detail. One of the most recent machines that have gathered plaudits from enthusiasts far and wide is the 2017 Q60 3.0t Premium. It is one heck of a coupe; a stalwart performer on the roads that backs up blazing-fast speed with prime luxury.

We’ll begin at the obvious starting point—the engine. This gorgeous automobile comes stocked with an exceptional 3.0L unit that generates a sensational 300 horses at 6,400 revolutions per minute (RPM) and 295-lb.-ft. of torque at 1,600 RPM. Those are huge numbers made even bigger by the 90-HP increase in power over the specs seen in the 2.0t model.

The 2017 Q60 3.0t Premium comes with niceties that include heated leather seats, satellite radio, and dual-zone automatic climate control. Further, there’s an aux jack to enable media playback from external devices (your smartphone, for instance), while the power sliding/tilting sunroof is always fun. Also, the side mirrors are heated and powered to mitigate blind spots.

Stop by INFINITI of Tacoma today to arrange a test drive!
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