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Great visit
Jag and Kal were great to deal with! Both were professional and helped me every step of the way when I purchased my new vehicle. I would recommend these guys for sure.
Great helpful personel
Everything went like clockwork from the pickup at ferry terminal to meeting with pete olson at dealership and finalizing the deal many thanks mike walter
Best experience with a dealership
Best experience ive had with a car dealership, i felt connected with the people i had the pleasure of working with, very kind and accommodating really felt like they wanted to help me get a good deal.
Outstanding Dealership and People
Top notch Professionalism and Courtesy displayed by everyone involved in my deal, would recommend to anyone without hesitation, could not be happier with this Outstanding Dealership and People!!
First Time Purchase
As first time new car purchasers, my fiancé and I were delighted with the experience of purchasing our new 2018 Ford Escape. Peter made us feel at ease, and let us see a variety of vehicles, even going as far as pulling them out of their parking spots to let us see each and every car in a bit more open area. Peter was kind, light-hearted and didn’t make us feel pressured into making any decisions. He was up front about the previous ownership of the vehicle we decided on, and even printed off the reports for us to keep. When we had further questions, he brought Wes over to meet with us and discuss the vehicle further. It was so nice, being first time buyers, to have a pressure-free and up front conversation about our new purchase. We highly recommend Peter, and the entire Key West team, to help you find your new vehicle!
Best Deal Ever
Friendly people,they set me up with a very nice deal! I‘m able to get everything done in one day!I would go to these guys again
Great Experience, Great Deal!
We arrived just before the dealership was to open and Jag came out and welcomed us in and helped us immediately. He quickly located the vehicle we were looking at and brought it to us. Jag was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. We decided on the vehicle and we worked out a great deal. I also wanted to send a thank-you to Ivan and Gurj! Overall we are very happy with our vehicle, very happy with our deal and extremely satisfied with our overall experience. I would have no problem recommending Jag and Key West Ford!
Exactly the vehicle we were looking for
Robert was extremely knowledgeable and personable from the first phone call to his most recent follow up call. We had done our research and were looking for a specific Ford F150 that could pull our fifth wheel trailer. Robert listened carefully and suggested that we come in and see the one used vehicle that met our criteria. Never pushy but friendly and excellent at his job. Wanted to make the deal but willing to negotiate and make sure that we satisfied with the process. Highly recommend Robert to any of my friends and thanks for making the buying experience pleasurable.
Great Experience
We recently purchased a new Ford Escape and were impressed with the friendly and courteous service. Lino and Wes were very helpful and knowledgeable. They patiently and confidently answered our many questions and guided us through the process with ease. Thank you also to Jeff who promptly assisted us when we returned the next day with a couple of questions when Lino and Wes were not available. Overall, we appreciated the attentive service from all staff from our initial visit through the financing and insurance.
Interesting INFINITI Facts For Seattle, Tacoma, And Bellevue Washington
Ready for a superb, luxury compact crossover? Add the 2018 INFINITI QX30 to your garage today! It comes with a wealth of cabin features and a ton of performance under its hood. You’ll be speeding down the streets of Edgewood, Renton, and Tacoma with a smile on your face during each drive! 

This crossover comes with heated leather seats to keep you toasty and comfortable during the fall and winter seasons. Dual-zone air conditioning also keeps the cabin temperate, while the SiriusXM/AM/FM radio delights passengers with its wide range of entertainment options. Plus, the inclusion of Bose speakers enables a premium audio experience.

The 2018 INFINITI QX30 delights with its performance, as we previously noted. Under the hood, you’ll be working with a 2.0L four-cylinder engine that produces 208 horses as you rumble around Tacoma and Edgewood. You’ll enjoy a super-smooth experience, too, thanks to the seven-speed automatic transmission. Also, the EPA estimates you’ll receive a 30/21 highway/city MPG average.

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Today, we want to dial down in our “Facts” section here and take a detailed look at the details surrounding the splendid 2018 INFINITI QX30. It’s a compact crossover in the luxury class that is filled with a wonderful powertrain and some amazing conveniences.

This crossover is a real winner thanks in large part to its engine. It’s a 2.0L four-cylinder that pumps out a stellar 208 HP, giving you plenty of “grunt” as you cruise around Seattle, Renton, and Tacoma. Paired with that is a seven-speed automatic transmission, granting you super-smooth shifting as you go along. Plus, the EPA calculates that you’ll receive an average MPG of 30/21 highway/city.

This 2018 INFINITI QX30 has a magnificent cabin, too. The heated leather front seats are a boon in the fall and winter, serving to keep you comfy no matter the temperature outside. Dual-zone air conditioning further helps in this respect. Also, the SiriusXM/AM/FM radio comes with Bose technology to ensure your listening experience is as premium as possible.

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You love INFINITI vehicles, but did you know that they have a fascinating and storied history? The automaker, which grew out of the Nissan brand, was designed to be a luxury line for those with discerning taste. Now, they are known for their amazing features and performance-based specs.

In 1989, Nissan decided to launch a new upscale class of cars to the American market. Other manufacturers, like Honda with its Acura brand, had found some success in doing so. Little did anyone know, INFINITI would soon be the ultimate in luxury lines.

The first vehicles that hit dealerships in the U.S.A. were the Q45 and the M30. The former was based on the Nissan President model, popular at the time in Japan. It boasted a V8 engine and plenty of high-end amenities. The latter was a luxury
sport coupe that could provide 162 horsepower.

Today, of course, the INFINITI lineup is filled with amazing choices that consistently delight drivers the world over. For instance, the 2018 QX30 is a comfortable and sporty crossover, with heated leather seats and speed-sensing steering. It’s sure to impress!

Stop by INFINITI of Tacoma the next time you’re in the Kent, Washington, area and take a test drive!
If you’ve been paying attention to the media, you might have heard that INFINITI has teased a new electric concept for this year’s Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance. Though it isn’t yet clear whether this vehicle will be a hybrid or run completely on alternative energy, one thing is certain: it will be a performance automobile like the rest of the lineup. The automaker wants investors and fans to know that it isn’t going to let its high-end, racetrack-esque reputation go just because it starts producing cars that are friendly to the planet.

According to CNET, this prototype has a long, thin body and almost looks as if it could be for just a single driver. Behind the seat, the reporter noted some sort of fin. The vehicle’s steering wheel seemed very advanced, as well. All in all, parallels were drawn to last year’s Prototype 9 concept.

While you wait for Pebble Beach and the unveiling of this futuristic car, why not check out a performance-driven INFINITI that you can take home today? The 2018 QX30 is a crossover that can’t be beat. Thanks to its stunning exterior design and luxurious interior, you won’t find a higher-end automobile than this one.

Stop by INFINITI of Tacoma today and take a test drive. We are located near Kirkland, Washington, for your convenience. Hurry in!

There’s a reason INFINITI always seems like they’re so far ahead of the pack. It’s because they are! The automaker doesn’t just produce high-performing luxury vehicles. They also spend a great deal of time conducting research and advancing technology behind the scenes. This informs their production of cars and helps to improve the development of related ideas.

Recently, INFINITI LAB Toronto, a Smart Cities
and Internet of Things accelerator powered by the automaker, announced some big news. Its SmartTones technology, a platform that can accurately measure broadcast audiences in real-time, has been accepted into a 12-week program in Hong Kong where it will be developed further. Another innovation called Brisk Synergies, a video analytics solution that helps transportation authorities to identify traffic patterns and avoid road safety problems, has also been invited to join.

INFINITI LAB Toronto decides what to research based on careful market evaluation. For instance, they found that 66 percent of those surveyed are most looking forward to the cost savings associated with smart cities, while 57 percent are eager to see the enhanced safety features that come about as a result. This led to their desire to focus on the SmartTones and Brisk Synergies projects.

When you drive INFINITI, you’re supporting great innovation like this. Stop by our dealership in Tacoma and test drive a new vehicle, like the 2018 QX30. Filled with amazing technology, it’s sure to please! 
2018 infiniti q inspiration model tacoma washingtonThe story behind INFINITI is a fascinating one. Founded on the notion that machines should be inspired by nature and work for humans, the automaker set out to make cars that truly suited the needs of drivers everywhere. Today, this has proven a rousing success.

The INFINITI brand is driven by the idea that cars should serve the needs of people. Its latest study vehicle, Q Inspiration, was released at the North American Auto Show earlier in 2018. This will follow in the footsteps of so many other company designs, which pushed the envelope and broke boundaries.

Q Inspiration will feature an elongated body and shorter hood like a 
coupe to break free of the “three-box sedan” vehicle style. Karim Habib, a key player on the redesign team, said that he is hoping to explore a different kind of elegance. He explains that this latest model will herald the future of the INFINITI brand.

Stop by INFINITI of Tacoma today and test drive any of a number of wonderful vehicles while you wait for Q Inspiration to be finalized. How about the stylish 2018 QX30? Filled with safety features, like a panic alarm, security system, and a low tire pressure warning, this auto is an easy choice. Hurry in! 
When INFINITI first launched, its goal was to provide stylish, luxurious vehicles. The company was an offshoot of Nissan, so some of its autos originally exhibited similarities to those of the latter manufacturer.

For instance, the INFINITI Q45’s design was based on the Nissan President model produced in Japan at the time. This vehicle was intended to be company’s flagship auto. It boasts a V8 engine and four-wheel drive, as well as a number of luxurious features.

Around the same time, INFINITI launched its M30 model. This luxury sport coupe was meant to compete with other suave vehicles of the age. It produced 162 horsepower, impressive for its era.

INFINITI knew it could do even better, however. The J30 a front-powered, rear-wheel drive setup and was built on the same 3.0-liter engine concept as the Nissan 300 ZX. 1996’s I30 bore some similarities to the Maxima, but it took a sportier edge.

As time went on, INFINITI came to set itself even further apart as the standard for luxury. Today, vehicles like the 2018 QX30 look nothing like Nissans, but are instead a brand all their own.

In fact, this great auto is well worth a test drive. Stop by your INFINITI of Tacoma dealership today and check out the 2018 QX30 while it lasts!

2018 qx30 for sale tacoma washingtonMost likely, you are familiar with lane departure warning and other proactive safety features. Many vehicles today take advantage of this technology to keep drivers and others on the road safe and secure. However, did you know that INFINITI was among the first to showcase this? In fact, the automaker has been using it since 2004.

In 2004, INFINITI pioneered lane departure warning in its FX model. The technology senses when the driver is about to move without signaling and alters them before they do so. It’s a fantastic way to avoid accidents and help you to stay vigilant on the road.

Today, lane departure warning is part of INFINITI’s Safety Shield technologies. The associated prevention tool actually guides you back into place if you have started to drift. This amazing feature works via a discreet rearview camera that gauges the distance between you and other cars, as well as the markings on the road, to determine where you should be driving. All of this is designed to enhance, rather than override, the control of the driver.

Safety Shield technologies are available in many INFINITI models today, including the Q50, Q60, Q70, QX30, and QX60. Stop by your local Tacoma dealership today and take a test drive of one of these fabulous vehicles!